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Szkeptikusok és antiszkeptikusok

Értékelés 2006

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Witch way to cash

In the company of witches







In a studio adorned with pictures of bones and costumed wizards and witches on Tátra street, ancient treatments for arthritis and asthma cost around Ft 2,500. To foretell future diseases, the studio's denizens examine palms or eyes for Ft 1,500.
"We've got people who do more basic tasks, like fortune-telling or reading tarot cards," explains High Priest Cézár Abafi, who presides over the studio. "And then we've got more specialized and skilled witches who cast off bad magic or are bone smiths."
Religion and business sometimes make strange bedfellows, but in the case of one Hungarian organization of witches, the faith is also a service conglomerate with expenses, revenues, studios and customers.
The Hungarian Witch Association, 9,000 strong and headed by High Priest Cézár Abafi, opened a studio in Budapest in 1991 where witches gather to practice their craft. Today, the association has five such studios, two in Budapest and three elsewhere in the country.
"I'm involved in the Financial end of things mostly," says Cézár (Cézár). "I make sure that the studio runs without deficit and take care of any other day-to-day financial operations."
Last year those studios took in Ft 18 million, up from Ft 4.5 million in 1992, their first full year of operation. Of that, Ft 3 million came from another studio in Budapest and Ft 2.5 million came from membership dues, which are Ft 300 every three months. The rest came from the main Budapest studio.

The witches' studios have a variety of sources of revenue. Actual courses in practical witchcraft go for Ft 10,000 to Ft 20,000. To attend, an aspiring witch pays once to reach a certain skill level and meet once a week for an afternoon. They stay in the course indefinitely, "graduating" only with the attainment of a sought after talent, like crystal-ball reading or spirit-conjuring. Witches make house calls as well; it costs Ft 3,000 to have an apartment tested for positive or negative energy.
At the main studio in Budapest, Cézár (Cezar) sits in a darkened office behind red doors in a six-room apartment. There are instruments of his avocation on his desk, small metal gadgets used to find positive and negative energy and silk banners inscribed with the symbol of the religion, a five-point star.
Except for these effects, though, the room is not exceptional, furnished with a
wardrobe, several chairs, a couch and a desk. Cézár (Cezar), the 47 year old former buffet owner, sits behind the desk in a green double breasted suit and matching bow tie.
The witch's association was formed in 1989, when the change in government allowed the legal practice of witchcraft in Hungary. The association has opened the three studios in Budapest and Győr, and newer ones in Pécs and Debrecen. Cézár (Cezar) could not estimate the total number of students who take courses and cures from the studios. At the Győr studio, he says a six room studio is filled with people from eight in the morning until six at night every week-day. At the main Budapest studio, a steady stream of 300 people a month come through for consultations, services or classes.
When an enterprise that offers services is also a religion, and a sometimes unpopular one at that, organizational matters can
become particularly tricky. According to Cézár (Cezar), there has been a great deal of dissension within the association's membership regarding the best way to organize its studios.
The studio in Budapest, for example, is registered as a religious institution and thus is exempt from taxation.
In contrast, the one very active studio in the countryside, in Gyor, currently takes in revenues of Ft 500,000 a month. That site is registered as a regular limited partnership and has to pay the same taxes as any other business, including the 25% VAT for its services. The witch association's membership is debating how to register the two newer studios in Debrecen and Pécs.
Cézár (Cezar) is the head of the association largely because he was involved early on. When the organization formed in Székesfehérvár in 1989, he was voted to be the director of the organization, along with a group of three others, until he gets "too old or tired to do it."
It's not a rewarding position, he says. He doesn't receive any compensation for his work, only expense money for trips around the country and abroad, he says.
He makes his living, he says, through lectures and witchcraft shows he performs out-side of the association.
Cézár (Cezar) claims that most of the money his witches' association makes goes toward the maintenance of the organization's studios, his secretary and other expenses such as space rented for the association's membership database and a small library of literature.
In fact, he says, even the dozens of witches who offer their services to the organization by teaching courses and performing witchcraft for customers who pay their association receive no pay for their services. "They are usually licensed to do something else, such as be a dentist or other more typical professions, but they come to practice their craft here," Cézár (Cezar) said.

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